Frosted Desserts

The name says it all. If one is looking for something sweet that comes with frosting, this cafe on the second floor of 57 Maginhawa Street may have something to offer. This place does not specialize in elaborate creations that overflow their dishes, but rather simply serves up cupcakes and ice cream sundaes, as well as milkshakes and coffee. It’s as straightforward as dessert cafes go.


The various cupcakes and sundaes here are christened with cute and cheeky names such as Mr. Grey (an Earl Grey frosted cupcake), or Build Me Up Butterscotch (a butterscotch sundae). We opted though for the more straightforwardly named fare, namely the decadent chocolate cupcake, a Smore cupcake, and a mint chocolate chip milkshake. The cupcakes were rather mild in flavour, with little of the sickly sweetness so associated with desserts. The milkshake was also in the same vein, with only just enough flavour to call the concoction ‘minty’ but without much of a lingering impression on the tongue.


As straightforward as this place is, it is not completely free of quirks. This cafe also hosts Barkin Bakes, a selection of healthy treats for dogs. This is a place worth checking out for food to bring home from a Maginhawa food trip, in lieu of the usual brown bag for one’s furry friend.  



And that wraps up our four part Maginhawa Street trip. Any places here, or elsewhere in the city that you’d like us to visit? Drop us a line in the comments!


The Food Score: 3.5/5: While the food was tasty and filling, it was not much different cupcakes and brownies available in more mainstream establishments. More of the flavour in the cupcakes was in the frosting instead of the cakes, something which may not sit well with some finicky diners.


Ambiance/Service Score: 4/5. The service was fast and the cafe’s interior tastefully decorated without being kitschy or borderline juvenile. All in all, easy on the eyes and the nerves.


GERD Score: 3/5. Since too much dairy or fried food is a road to endless burping in my case, there isn’t much options here, save the cupcakes in moderation.


Epilepsy Score:  4/5. At the very least the desserts we tried were not made with artificial sweeteners (we are wary of anything that is purportedly sugar-free). However aside from water and milkshakes, there are few options for diners eschewing caffeine.


Team Glasses Score: 3.5/5. As far as dessert cafes go, this is a sensible and straightforward establishment. However for diners looking for healthier eats or more exotic desserts, this place may not be for them.




It is a widely acknowledged fact that a person in possession of a free afternoon may wish to pass it with a hefty supply of books and a delicious drink on hand. Fortunately there are several establishments along Maginhawa Street which see to these two needs all at once.  Among these places is Antiteasis, a teahouse-and-library located at the forefront of 154 Maginhawa Street. A traveller to this part of town may need to keep his or her eyes peeled; this place is not easily spotted in the smorgasbord of restaurants and cafes in the neighbourhood.


Antiteasis’ otherwise unassuming exterior belies its cozy and relaxed interior, wherein readers can comfortably lounge on floor cushions placed around small tables. A large bookshelf showcases a whole range of titles ranging from childhood favourites like Dr. Seuss and Nancy Drew, all the way to nonfiction and biographies. Yours truly wound up engrossed for a time with a difficult to find title from one of her favourite writers in the field of neurology.  

Yet an avid reader should still definitely pay attention to the selection of teas, smoothies, and snacks available here at Antiteasis. During our afternoon jaunt here, we decided on the apple basil smoothie, as well as the strawberry Yakult smoothie. Much to my delight, the apple basil smoothie was light and just what we needed to cleanse our palates after a hearty lunch. I would daresay it was just as good as or even better than the traditional sorbets served for such purposes. The strawberry Yakult smoothie was also just as delicately flavoured, with a hint of sweetness mixing with the tartness of the fruit and the Yakult. This particular concoction could be considered a dessert on its own.

Antiteasis is certainly not one of those library cafes wherein one can hang out for hours and park a laptop for study or recreational purposes. It is however a place where one can curl up with a cherished book and a delectable beverage, and disappear from the frenetic world for a bit. In this increasingly frenetic world, this place is a haven. In short, absolutely necessary.

The Food Score:  4/5. The quality of the drinks we had here is definitely worth recommending. However the range of snacks available is rather narrow, and may discourage patrons who would rather have something heartier to enjoy alongside a good read.

Ambiance/Service Score:   4/5. The teahouse is rather tiny, and may feel poky or claustrophobic to some patrons. The indoor furnishings consist mostly of floor cushions and low tables, which may not be comfortable or good for the posture. However there are tables and chairs out on the patio for those who prefer to enjoy their drinks in more conventional settings.

GERD Score: 4/5. Thankfully, there’s tea and a variety of snack options for the discerning tastes that won’t cause burps and hurts. Also, since I drink more probiotic drinks than ever before for heartburn, the strawberry yakult option is a welcome dessert drink.

Epilepsy Score:  4/5. Of course there’s tea and coffee here, but there’s a wide range of herbal infusions and of course the smoothies for diners who cannot have caffeine. Patrons who are sensitive with regard to foods’ preservative contents may need to eschew some of the snack selections too. The muted tones of the decor and the calm ambiance are a great help too for people who find themselves a tad overstimulated in this urban environment.

Team Glasses Score: 4/5.  This place is a small but definitely promising library cafe. We look forward to hearing more about this haven.

Any places you would recommend Team Glasses to visit, whether in Maginhawa, Makati or just anywhere in the city? Let us know in comments or email!

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