Frosted Desserts

The name says it all. If one is looking for something sweet that comes with frosting, this cafe on the second floor of 57 Maginhawa Street may have something to offer. This place does not specialize in elaborate creations that overflow their dishes, but rather simply serves up cupcakes and ice cream sundaes, as well as milkshakes and coffee. It’s as straightforward as dessert cafes go.


The various cupcakes and sundaes here are christened with cute and cheeky names such as Mr. Grey (an Earl Grey frosted cupcake), or Build Me Up Butterscotch (a butterscotch sundae). We opted though for the more straightforwardly named fare, namely the decadent chocolate cupcake, a Smore cupcake, and a mint chocolate chip milkshake. The cupcakes were rather mild in flavour, with little of the sickly sweetness so associated with desserts. The milkshake was also in the same vein, with only just enough flavour to call the concoction ‘minty’ but without much of a lingering impression on the tongue.


As straightforward as this place is, it is not completely free of quirks. This cafe also hosts Barkin Bakes, a selection of healthy treats for dogs. This is a place worth checking out for food to bring home from a Maginhawa food trip, in lieu of the usual brown bag for one’s furry friend.  



And that wraps up our four part Maginhawa Street trip. Any places here, or elsewhere in the city that you’d like us to visit? Drop us a line in the comments!


The Food Score: 3.5/5: While the food was tasty and filling, it was not much different cupcakes and brownies available in more mainstream establishments. More of the flavour in the cupcakes was in the frosting instead of the cakes, something which may not sit well with some finicky diners.


Ambiance/Service Score: 4/5. The service was fast and the cafe’s interior tastefully decorated without being kitschy or borderline juvenile. All in all, easy on the eyes and the nerves.


GERD Score: 3/5. Since too much dairy or fried food is a road to endless burping in my case, there isn’t much options here, save the cupcakes in moderation.


Epilepsy Score:  4/5. At the very least the desserts we tried were not made with artificial sweeteners (we are wary of anything that is purportedly sugar-free). However aside from water and milkshakes, there are few options for diners eschewing caffeine.


Team Glasses Score: 3.5/5. As far as dessert cafes go, this is a sensible and straightforward establishment. However for diners looking for healthier eats or more exotic desserts, this place may not be for them.



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