El Loco at Excelsior

Part 2 of the Sydney Adventures: After the second work day in Sydney, I ended up joining the team for a couple of pints and some tex-mex for… Taco Tuesdays in El Loco at Excelsior. Honestly, I felt loco for Tacos when we got there.

The place was nicely situated on a corner, with colorful wooden benches on the outside and a mix of a pub and a cantina inside. The mexican-inspired decor made for a touch of life amidst the dimmer lighting inside.

For early dinner here, the team ordered some pints of local beer, Nacho Supreme as an appetizer, and some Carne Asada, Baja Fish, and Secretos de Tacos for our Tacos.


Nacho Supreme

The Nacho Supreme, like any tex-mex meal, had plenty of cheese and chillies along with diced tomatoes and spring onions. Judging by how the nachos was prepared and feels to the bite, I’d say it might actually be made in-house or at least, not just shoved out of a plastic pack and placed on a plate, which is a plus in my book. It was crunchy, lightly salted and firm, being able to hold the mix of ingredients on top of it without feeling soggy at all.


Baja Fish Tacos

With the Baja Fish Tacos, I’m not a huge fan of it since the fish was covered in batter. I feel the fish could have been grilled and placed on the tacos instead. The salsa berde and the chipotle mayo thankfully brought some punch that helped balance its flavors.


Carne Asada

As for the Carne Asada, I loved the mix of the firm and chewy taco along with the slight spice mixed in with the meat. It’s what a tex-mex taco should be. It has a solid base that won’t crumble to the newly cooked meat and fresh vegetables, while not being too doughy or floury to the bite.


Secretos De Tacos

And last but not least, the Secretos de Tacos; while not as appetizing at first glance, I can safely say that it is quite interesting and worth a try. The secret meat blends well to the accompanying corn bits, chipotle mayo, and greens. It even led to an interesting discussion between us co-employees on what it could be, but giving the answers we came up with would spoil the surprise.


Feeling full but wanting to make the most out of the remaining day, I went out ahead of them. It was 7:30pm thereabouts and the afternoon sun shone on my face as I walked away. I enjoyed my time at El Loco at Excelsior because of both the good food and the chance of getting to know my officemates a bit more in my short time here. It is a good place for some company and friends after a long day.

Food Score: 4/5: The food here at El Loco was hearty and filling after three or four tacos and best enjoyed with good company since the place is suited more as a casual dining and bar area after a long day.

Ambiance Score: 4/5: The decor, while slightly dim, was very colorful and vibrant without appearing too forced or loud to the eyes.

Service Score: 4/5: The service here was attentive enough to what we needed, be it additional orders or additional tissues. We even got our table reserved in advance without any problems at all.

GERD Score: 3.5/5: Given that El Loco is geared more as a dining place and a pub, there would be a limited amount of options for anyone who is dealing with GERD.

Neurodivergent Score: 3.5/5: A continual problem with Tex-Mex is the blend of seasonings and spices, which could easily trigger anyone who is sensitive to these foodstuffs. Having a menu with the exact ingredients stated would be a great bonus to neurodivergent diners with food restrictions.

Team Glasses Score: 3.5/5: For good tex-mex meal and time at the pub after work, El Loco should be a good treat with the mates. However, for those dealing with GERD or Neurodivergent issues, there are at least still some options to enjoy.