For quite some time before starting this blog, Lee and I were under the impression that we’d have to travel out of Makati City just to try up and coming places to eat. Then one day, while stopping by a convenience store in the Poblacion area, we ran into a long time friend who was apparently en route to a meet-up. She pointed out that there were a number of establishments within walking distance from our respective homes, and that we should consider stopping in for a bit. Well, in the name of finding some good food, we decided to stroll down Kalayaan Avenue and turn left at Don Pedro Street, and thus we found ourselves right in front of a row of restaurants and cafes worthy of future escapades.

First up on the list was Bucky’s, as per my buddy’s suggestion. We stopped in one sunny afternoon and discovered that much of the fare was exactly what we hoped for: savory and sweet snacks that were perfect for filling up after a long day at work, but not so heavy as to preclude the possibility of a later dinner. The staff was accommodating, and ready to guide us as to how to order one of their specials: Make Your Own Bucky’s Parfait.

Like some other establishments with a ‘make your own combo’ component, Bucky’s uses a checklist format to guide diners with choosing combinations of cookies, brownies, soft-serve ice cream, toppings and sauces to create a unique parfait. The available ingredients are more comforting and familiar, and what one would expect out of an ice cream bar. If one is looking for strange toppings such as chilli cheese sauce for ice cream, this isn’t the place to go!


Parfait with chocolate syrup, marshmallows, pistachios, and rice crispies

We chose a chocolate base and vanilla ice cream for our parfait, and topped it off with marshmallows, rice crispies, pistachios, and chocolate sauce. The result was a soft-serve concoction that looked almost too good to eat. The Bucky’s Parfait is definitely meant to be a shared experience, except for those who consider ice cream a meal in itself.

Apart from parfaits, Bucky’s also offers larger meals such as pasta and sandwiches, and snack foods or pica-pica to share with friends. We also tried out their mozzarella sticks (which were more nugget sized), which came with a flavourful and well-balanced marinara dip. Unfortunately five mozzarella sticks are hardly for sharing, especially with a cheese fiend aboard.


Bucky’s definitely has a niche in this part of the city; most of its neighbours are styled as grill and barbeque places, or as bars and lounges. This is a good place to go for a quiet afternoon with friends, a prelude to a night out, or a wrap-up to a hearty dinner. We’re happy to have this in our neighbourhood.

The Food Score:  4/5. It may need to be specified if the portion sizes are for sharing, or meant to be consumed solo. Nevertheless the dishes are tasty without being overwhelming to the palate. Homemade ricotta and yogurt also figure in some dishes, adding a healthy bonus.

Ambiance/Service Score:  4/5. The staff and service crew are friendly and ready to help out diners with navigating the menu, especially the checklist. However the restaurant premises are rather small, and occasionally difficult to move around in.

GERD Score: 4/5. Considering that fried food, soft serve ice cream and dairy, beer, and coffee are my triggers, they still offer some fare that won’t cause GERD, at least for my case. Also thankfully, eating a combination of their parfait and nuggets are great because the acidity problem didn’t come out as bad as one would expect.

Epilepsy Score:  4.5/5. The large and small plates have fresh, balanced ingredients, utilizing almost no processed or heavily preserved meats. The Make-Your-Own-Parfait option allows one to enjoy a custom-made dessert with little to no fear of accidentally ingesting a trigger food.  Although Bucky’s prides itself on serving excellent coffee, and also offers beer and sodas, there are fruit shakes and hot chocolate also available on the menu for those with some dietary limitations.

Team Glasses Score: 4/5. This cozy and fun place is worth a visit for anyone interested in food tripping within the Poblacion area. We probably won’t go here for a full on dinner but we’d be glad to have a bit of dessert.

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