A city that never sleeps needs its share of 24/7 food establishments to cater to denizens at all hours. One of the longest standing in this business is Whistlestop, nestled among the bars and restaurants of Jupiter Street, Bel-Air in Makati City. After a few hitches in previous plans, we finally seized the opportunity of a sleepy Saturday morning to grab brunch here, in preparation for a day jam-packed with activities.


We eschewed some of the usual breakfast fare of pancakes, bacon, and sausages for dishes that would do just as well for lunch. Lee decided on the 1977 Vintage Tapa, while I most uncharacteristically chose to start off my day with Beef Kebab.


The 1977 Vintage Tapa was flavorful, a balance of well marinated sweet and salty tapa flakes, and perfectly seasoned garlic rice. However, the sunny side up egg was rushed and the meal was too oily for my tastes.


The main downside to the Beef Kebab was the size of the kebab pieces themselves. Apart from increasing the portion size, I believe that this dish could have been improved with the use of more spices in the meat to give the dish its characteristic kick.


It would take us more time to thoroughly sample Whistlestop’s extensive menu of all-day selections hailing from various cuisines. We hope to find more culinary gems and must-haves during future visits here.


Food Score: 3.5/5: The menu at Whistlestop is inclined towards a combination of bar chow and hefty main courses and entrees, making it ideal as part of a bar crawl or a recovery scenario. At least for the dishes we picked, there was more that could be done in terms of flavor and presentation.

Ambiance Score: 4.5/5: Whistlestop evokes the feel of an old-time saloon, a look that goes easily from day to night. It is a place wherein one can relax among friends for brunch, fill up for lunch or dinner, pre-game for a night out, or recover in the early hours.

Service Score: 4/5: While we appreciate the servers telling us off the bat which items were available, a little more attentiveness would have helped make our dining experience better.

GERD Score: 3.5/5: Being a watering hole, its menu options for people with heartburn leaves much to be desired, but in fairness, there are at least some options along with a list of ingredients in some menu items. Having a buddy or two tag along might help make the meal ideal or at least doable.


Neurodivergent Score: 3.5/5: Some of the dishes at Whistlestop rely heavily on preserved and seasoned meats, which may be a no-no to some diners with dietary restrictions. There is little too in the way of non-caffeinated and non-alcoholic beverage selections.

Team Glasses Score: 3.5/5: Over the years, Whistlestop has definitely earned its reputation as a 24/7 dining spot. It is a good place to go when ending a bar or restaurant crawl in the area…if one is not planning to stick to a strict diet! For us, our search for our recovery food fix still continues. 

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Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe

On some days when we wish to start off early, but at the same time avoid the lunch crowd, brunch becomes our best solution. A place that has been on our radar for some time thanks to its pastry and confectionery selection is Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe, located right in the heart of the Makati CBD. We took advantage of a free morning to head over and put its heartier entrees and breakfast fare to the test.


For our repast, we had a choice of all-day breakfast sets, pastries and cakes, as well as different entrees. Eventually we decided on the Sundried Tomato Pesto, and the Beef Stew. Since this was a rainy morning, we also asked for hot chocolate on the side.

The Sundried Tomato Pesto came with a side of two hefty and well buttered rolls. The still warm bread was fragrant and very light on the tongue, but heavy on the stomach. The pasta itself had an interesting balance between tart and nutty, owing to the rather chunky tomato pesto mix. By itself it would have been a light snack, but with bread it was a complete meal.


The Beef Stew was as hearty as they come. The beef chunks were tender and the gravy base was lightly seasoned with pepper, which reminded me of shepherd’s pie. It made for a heavy breakfast that was perfect before our day’s adventure.


As it turned out, the hot chocolate was a great choice. It was both rich and creamy, with a deep chocolate flavor.

Were it not for the need to head out and get moving, it would have been wonderful to linger a little longer in the cafe, thanks to its cozy and inviting interior. Perhaps another sleepy morning will lead us back to Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe, ready to put more dishes to the test.

Food Score: 4/5: The menu is comprised of local and ‘continental’ breakfast and entree selections, with few signature or outstanding dishes. In terms of quality though, the food is very tasty and serving sizes are adequate for one. Platter options exist among the starters, good for sharing.

Ambiance Score: 4/5: This is what one would expect from a brunch dining spot: cozy, airy, and with many comfortable seating spots. The feel is like eating in one’s home kitchen, sans the mess and bustle. Very great for meeting with friends,

Service Score: 4.5/5: The servers were accommodating and prompt, considering that the place soon filled up for the early lunch crowd. They were very timely and quick to set up tables, and attend to both incoming and outgoing diners.

GERD Score: 4/5: The variety of options here at Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe leaves any diner, even those with GERD, satiated without the worry of the acid acting up badly. For some dishes though, it’s still best to share with a friend.

Neurodivergent Score: 4/5: There are many options with natural, non-processed ingredients, which is a plus for those with sensitivities to additives. The balance between non-caffeinated and caffeinated beverage options is pretty optimal.
Team Glasses Score: 4/5: Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe is not only an excellent source of desserts and bakery delights, but it is a great place to consider for leisurely brunches with friends, or even for a solo stop with a good book and some music. This place serves as a haven of calm in the busy metropolis.

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Pi Breakfast & Pies

Before we started with my enrollment for the second semester, we decided to go with Kat’s suggestion of starting the day at a place called Pi Breakfast & Pies. After all, it was going to be a long day out and we needed something heartier than the usual Maginhawa Street fare.


Located at Malingap Street, Pi Breakfast & Pies had the relaxed vibe to it, which allowed us to just kick back and enjoy a casual meal. The repurposed chairs and tables was also a nice touch to the place being perfect for spending time with friends.

For this adventure, I took on Pi Breakfast & Pies’ interpretation on the classic Longsilog, while Kat went for a Bacon Mac & Cheese.



Their Longsilog was definitely as hearty as it appeared to be. Their longanisa (Pork sausage) packed a combination of flavors reminiscent of the well-known longanisas from Vigan, Lucban, and Cebu. The sinangag (garlic fried rice) was cooked to the right consistency, not being too garlicky, bland, or oily for my tastes. And surprisingly, the dish had a slice of salted duck egg and soft boiled egg (egg being itlog in Filipino, hence the name Longsilog), compared to the usual sunny side up or scrambled eggs. When mixed together with some pickled papaya (atchara), it summed up what a quality Filipino breakfast should be. It was hearty, filling, and gets one pumped up for the challenges of the day.


Bacon Mac and Cheese

The Bacon Mac and Cheese was topped with a coddled egg, which added some richness to the dish’s mild cream sauce. Although we would have liked a sharper flavor to the cheese in this dish, we realized that this mac and cheese had a light quality that made it great for a breakfast as opposed to a lunch or dinner entree.

And to top off our brunch, both of us also had a decent cup of hot chocolate made out of tablea chocolate. It was certainly a good brunch for Team Glasses Food Blog.

Food Score: 4/5: The flavors and the preparation for our meals are spot on and quite satisfying to say the least.

Ambiance Score: 4/5: Aside from reusing tables and chairs, the ambient lighting and subtle black hues evoke a sense that one’s dining in a fancier place without the need to be overly formal.

Service Score: 4/5: The servers here are attentive, immediately catering to our needs and orders, and letting us know if there are some changes that we needed to know with our food.

GERD Score: 3.5/5: An unfortunate fact is that, while there are some options within the menu that should be alright for someone dealing with heartburn, it is too few. One way of countering this is to have someone share a meal with you, especially when food volume is a lingering concern. And a perk they also have is the fact that they list down the ingredients they use in all the items within the menu.

Neurodivergent Score: 3.5/5: Some of the dishes use processed meats or other foods loaded with additives. There are not many sugar-free or reduced sugar options in both the entrees and beverages menu.

Team Glasses Score: 4/5: Even with some of our observations and concerns, Pi Breakfast & Pies is still a good place to dine with friends. And for those with health concerns, some precautions are necessary, but won’t ruin your time here.