Hummus Elijah


While walking around the nooks and crannies of Rockwell, Poblacion, and Makati Avenue for a proper dinner yesterday, my foodie partner-in-crime spotted something she definitely knows I missed as a former OFW in the Middle East. So she grabbed my hand and led me to this small restaurant named Hummus Elijah which is located on top of a Thai massage parlor, just along Makati Avenue.

The place was a quaint nondescript establishment that could be mistaken for a café of sorts or a small eatery, but the relaxed atmosphere was a welcome relief. The walls and décor almost likened it to a comfortable diner to hang out with friends, instead of the usual touches of Persian or Arabian interior with brass décor and multicolored tiles and cushions strewn about. I think I even gawked at the spices such as saffron and cinnamon lined up on the shelves.

Service was alright since we did go there just before the dinner rush. We even got to see this cool shirt from their staff. Thankfully, they were fairly cordial during our stay.

We ordered Hummus Elijah, tabbouleh, and two mint teas. And feast we did. In our opinion, the hummus serving size would feed three people, give or take an extra order of pita. The mix of vegetables from the tabbouleh complemented the hummus quite well and the only thing lacking for me was either some kebab or kofta.  The best part was barely any burping from the GERD end even if we both had half of the meal and even ordered one extra pita to share.

The restaurant also sells bags of spices, Turkish coffee implements, and even pre-mixed curry and masala which we’ll definitely also give a try when we get back. Baklava, both in its usual form, and a sweet pie variant, is also available for dine in and take-out.

Food Score: 5/5. The food was enjoyable and managed to bring out plenty of good food memories I’ve had as an OFW. After all, balancing fresh ingredients, food presentation, and taste is not easy feat, but they exceeded our expectations at a fair price.

Ambiance / Service Score: 4/5. The service crew were attentive and cordial, and the interior, while well execute and pleasant to the eye, doesn’t evoke much of the feel that you’re eating in a Middle Eastern restaurant.

GERD Score: 4.5/5. While there are some fried items, such as samosas, that aren’t quite as friendly to someone who has heartburn, there’s enough variety to get you to come back often to try something out.

Epilepsy Score: 4.5/5. The food is freshly prepared and mostly free of preservatives, which is a plus. However for persons whose seizures or other conditions are exacerbated by spicy foods, it may be best to stick to the hummus or salads when eating here. Herbal infusions are not an option yet in this place, thus limiting the selection of hot drinks for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

On an added note, persons with blood uric acid issues may need to stick to the salad or vegetable dishes. After all, hummus is made out of chickpeas, and various lentils feature heavily in other dishes.

Team Glasses Score:  4.5/5. This type of restaurant or cuisine isn’t for everyone, however if someone is looking for fairly safe and authentic Turkish dishes, this place is worth considering for a light meal. It is also the sort of place to visit with a large group of friends, as there’s no fun in polishing off a plate of hummus by one’s lonesome. We’re definitely going back for more hummus adventures.

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