Finding the Foodie Soul at Soul Origin

Lee’s quick note: It has been a while since we posted anything for Team Glasses Food Blog, and that’s more of the busy schedule at our grad schools than anything else. Since our semesters are over, we’ll be crunching out our more or less usual two weeks for posts whenever possible. Let us take this time to thank you for visiting our site and reading our reviews. We definitely want to hear from you soon. Now on to the review.

Part 3 of the Sydney Adventures: As I was waiting for my companion to get a pair of shorts that his wife was looking for, I decided to wander around the airport a bit to find a decent and healthy meal before the flight. After sumptuous meals here, I admittedly dreaded the idea of a bumpy ride and a less than stellar airline food. Thankfully, I did not need to go far because when I looked right, I found Soul Origin.

Seeing the counter and the selection of different ingredients and viands reminded me of a deli at first. The kitchen tiles and rustic vibe along with the ferns on top made the entire place inviting to both sight and scent.

My re-opened and slightly squished but yummy Salmon Baguette

For my snack here, I had a Salmon Baguette. The baguette consists of fresh salmon, capers, cream cheese, mixed lettuce, capers, avocado, and red onion. Kudos on the bread that held these ingredients firmly together. It had that fresh-off-the-oven feel and texture to it, firm but not stale, just the way I liked it. At the same time, the cream cheese helped bind the saltiness of the capers, and the slight sweetness of the salmon, along with the avocado slices, into a subtle yet fulfilling experience while waiting for my flight home.

I went here on a summer, so I still have their summer edition menu too, as well as their catering menu as well. I figured they have a different selection per season as well, which makes for a wide variety all year round. Should be different now its the Winter Season there

As I finished my baguette and headed to the loading bay, I took a moment to savor the last vestiges of my meal. In my mind, Soul Origin is a place I’d definitely drop by for another meal again in the future when I find my soul travelling back to Sydney.

Food Score: 4.5/5: Aside from being a healthy alternative to plenty of sandwich places, the selection here is fresh and balanced, making it a great place for a snack or even a meal.

Ambiance Score: 4.5/5: The well stacked and organized viands offer enough eye candy to passersby, and the place itself had a wonderfully rustic vibe to it without being over-the-top.

Service Score: 4/5: The service here was fast and straight to the point, given the busy nature of the airport, so no complaints.

GERD Score: 5/5: While there maybe some possible triggers here for people dealing with GERD, there’s plenty of selection here that it will still be worth a meal here.

Neurodivergent Note: Special kudos to Soul Origin for having this comprehensive allegens guide with their menu items. It is very helpful not only for people dealing with GERD or Neurodivergence, but also those who deal with special dietary regimens on a daily basis.

The Allergen Index

Team Glasses Score: 4.5/5: For anyone looking for a healthy and great meal in Sydney Airport, Soul Origin is a must go to for a bite or three.

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