Scout’s Honor

There are just some bad days that are best cured by a glass of milk and a plateful of warm cookies. Thankfully for us, there are several cookie shops that are more than happy to provide this sort of remedy. One of our favourites is Scout’s Honor, a longstanding establishment within Hole in the Wall at Century City. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this cookie shop expand and refine its repertoire over the years, and I’ve been more than happy to bring over friends who want a different spin on desserts, or who simply need to indulge a sweet tooth.


Upon reaching Scout’s Honor, one cannot miss the rack of deliciously decorated cookies that come in all sorts of flavours and styles. Matcha? It’s there. Cookies within cookies? Yes, right on the second rack. Milk to wash down the treat? Pick from several flavours such as caramel, Horlicks, just to name a few. Is coffee more to your taste? Scout’s Honor has it too.


In the odd event that one cannot find a cookie to his or her liking, there is always the option of making one’s own cookies from the selection of batters and toppings in the ‘craft cookie’ section of the store. Imagination and taste are the only limits here, as this is perhaps one of the few places in Metro Manila wherein putting pretzels in cookie batter is not only tolerated, but highly encouraged. I was skeptical about that particular combination at first when a staff member suggested it, but it took only one bite for me to decide that yes, pretzels do belong in cookie batter—alongside cheese and other savory delights baked in too.


What’s better than a single Scout’s Honor cookie? A dozen fresh from the oven cookies served alongside half a liter of milk. Lee and I discovered this new offering during a recent visit, and lost no time in indulging in this treat straight out of a childhood fantasy. Unlike the other cookie offerings, those in the bucket are simple, straightforward chocolate chip or fudge cookies, but still worth every bite.  The bucket is definitely a treat worth sharing with friends, or with a special someone.


Fortunately for us (and our blood sugar levels), it’s not every day we have a craving for something sweet. But for those special occasions wherein we want sugar, spice, and everything nice, Scout’s Honor is more than ready to step up to the occasion.

The Food Score:  5/5. It’s not just an ‘artisanal cookie shop’, but it’s an excellent artisanal cookie shop. The ingredients are fresh, the cookies are served warm, and the milk is always kept chilled for one’s safety and enjoyment. The variety of toppings in the ‘craft cookie’ section also allows one to indulge in both taste and creativity.

Ambiance/Service Score:   4/5. The shop itself is colourful, with staff members who are patient and ready to assist one with choosing or creating cookies. Scout’s Honor is located in the Hole in the Wall food court, which offers ample dining space and a terrific view of Makati City. However this place can get rather busy during weekends and holidays, and isn’t really a venue to linger and chat.

GERD Score: 3/5. While I love cookies, and we all know that milk and cookies do go together like peas in a pod, milk is normally a trigger for people with heartburn. Same goes for their different coffees, so the accompanying beverage is limited to water. Cookies are definitely ok but again, in moderation and through slow and thorough bites. Go for the cookies and pair it up with some water, still a decadent treat after a stressful work day.

Epilepsy Score:  4/5. If one is sensitive to sugar or gluten, it’s best to give this place a pass. The craft cookie section does offer one some leeway to create cookies better suited to one’s health needs and taste. However the other cookie offerings are also safe and very much worth a try too.

Team Glasses Score: 4/5. Like all things sweet, the cookies and other fare here need to be taken as once-in-a-while treats as opposed to everyday dining. However on special days, or days that need a pick me up, Scout’s Honor is definitely a place to go.


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