Kismet Cafe

kismet-signboardWhenever we walk from Makati Avenue going to Rockwell, we never fail to see the various facets of life within those streets lit by neon and red lights. But what amazes us about the area is the fact that some of the best food places right in the city are located here. A small artistic café in just by the fringes is no exception.


Caprese Panini

We’ve visited Kismet twice already and for the first time we went there, we both had different types of panini. Hers was the Oh So Cheesy and I had the Caprese, mini for both of us. Since that was a great date, we went again and this time ordered a Jalopeño Non Quezo for her and a slice of Oreo cake for me.

During the wait, we couldn’t help but be amazed by the handiwork of the artist/s who did the signs and wall paintings. Even with less light, the wall livens up the place and brings back bits of nostalgia from those wanderlust trips to the museum and seeing Persian art, with a touch of western and eastern quotes on the speech bubbles.


Jalopeño Non Quezo

Food-wise, we had an amusing moment when I accidentally took too much of the hummus and ended up coughing on the paprika. Mea Culpa, but it was a laugh still. Paprika mishaps aside, the hummus was fresh and a notable part of the meal. And during our two trips there, each panini is cooked to the right temperature and the right level of crunch. The Oreo cake on the other hand was a surprise hit because it would match perfectly with coffee, even if we both don’t drink the stuff anymore, or with some tea. Bittersweet mix of the chocolate and the actual oreos on top were satisfying to eat, a treat.


The slice of Oreo cake

And their note of ‘Please inform us of your dietary restrictions’ on the menu is a nice touch for people who live with some type of condition that doesn’t help them with their meals.

The Food Score:  4.5/5. The selection of food is balanced and definitely something that a foodie ought to consider that they are a nifty café and not exactly a restaurant that serves full meals. Their sandwiches are filling though, so that’s a plus still. Thankfully, there are coffee, juices, and teas that cater to anyone’s needs.

Ambiance/Service Score: 4/5. While the place is aesthetically pleasing hands down, one also has to consider how chaotic it might be to move around once all the tables are filled up.

GERD Score: 4/5. My experiences eating here are great quality and taste-wise. However, there really are items that any person with Heartburn shouldn’t even come close to.

Epilepsy Score: 4.5/5. Sure, there is coffee, but thankfully a selection of teas and juices is also available to those who can’t drink the golden brew. The fact that one can inform the staff of any dietary restrictions is a plus

Team Glasses Score: 4.5/5. For the two times we went here, we enjoyed our meals shared at Kismet cafe and will definitely come back for more.

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