For a good many people, the term “healthy eating” would not readily belong in the same sentence as “Mexican cuisine” or “Tex-Mex”. Images of greasy burritos and tacos, or pots of chilli con carne often come to mind, much to the dismay of diners eager to avoid strongly flavoured foods or those that may raise one’s cholesterol. Fortunately there is one restaurant, Faburrito,  that rises to the challenge of changing this popular notion.

We first stumbled on Faburrito en route to a doctor’s appointment one sleepy December afternoon. We quickly realized that although the main dishes consisted only of tacos, salad, burritos, and bowls, the combination of ingredients in these dishes were actually complete meals in themselves. Interestingly enough, none of these options were particularly heavy on meat or cheese, unlike similar dishes in other establishments. There was even a vegetarian option: fajita mushrooms. Diners with larger appetites also could choose from a variety of side dishes such as soups and quesadillas to round out their meal.


Selections 🙂

Choice is definitely a big part of the Faburrito dining experience, as the friendly service crew quickly showed us. We were asked if we wanted to include or exclude particular ingredients such as black beans or spices. The cook even accommodated Lee’s request to prepare his meal without cheese. Other diners were also given the option to customize their dishes according to their tastes and needs. This simple gesture was not only thoughtful and considerate, but showed the restaurant’s commitment to providing healthy meals. After all, healthy eating is hardly ‘one size fits all’, but consists of taking into account portion sizes and individual meal components for each person.

Both the regular and the large meal sizes were definitely filling. And lest anyone worry about this being overindulgence, the Faburrito staff have kindly posted the calories present in each meal option. One can dine on less than 450 calories (found in the burrito meal), without walking away with that heavy, greasy feeling that is sometimes associated with fast food dining.


It is also notable that 10% of the proceeds in this restaurant are donated to charity. To support this restaurant and their causes, please check out their page at www.faburrito.com.

The Food Score: 4.5/5. The food was refreshing to the palate, and left us feeling full without being bloated. The ingredients are fresh, and blended in such a way that subtle flavours in each dish are brought out for the diner’s enjoyment. However their fish option is fried and battered, while their bowls can be rather heavy on the dressing.

Ambiance/Service Score: 5/5. The staff was cheerful and patient despite us and other customers taking time to think through our food orders. The meals were served quickly, and requests for extra water or the bill were easily accommodated. Though the place is small it hardly feels cramped owing to the bright decorating style.

GERD Score: 5/5. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a healthy choice. No burps or acidic feels after the meal, and this is coming from someone who regularly encounters problems even on small serving sizes at times.

Epilepsy Score: 5/5. No preservatives are used in cooking! And if one is sensitive to particular ingredients, there is always the option to have them eliminated from one’s meal.

Team Glasses Score:  5/5. It’s not every day when one finds a restaurant that caters to the needs of both our problems here at Team Glasses. We will most definitely eat at Faburrito again.


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