Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner… We Are

So tell us about yourselves

The simplest answer to this question is that we are foodies with challenges—namely health challenges. To the rest of the world we are:

Lee: a programmer by training, writer by trade and aspiring lawyer

Kat: a physician and aspiring researcher

It just so happens that Lee also is coping with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), while Kat has been dealing with epilepsy. Both of these conditions require adjustments to lifestyle, especially diets. It’s all about prevention after all.

After a recent food run to a convenience store wherein neither of us bought anything due to our respective health restrictions, we realized we were in an interesting situation. Lee couldn’t have foods that had plenty of dairy or were overly acidic. Kat couldn’t have processed meat, chips, or anything high in preservatives. Alcohol was off limits to both of us, and at the same time we were trying to learn how to survive without coffee,  soda, or energy drinks (after subsisting on these for years!).

We realized that we had to be resourceful with our meals together. So began our search within Metro Manila for food establishments with selections that were friendly for persons with various long standing conditions like ours. These places would also have to be accessible by commuting, and ideally within the budget of young professionals. This blog documents that food search, as well as our attempts at creating easy recipes for those times that call for a stay-in date.

Welcome to the Team Glasses Blog, and our adventures. We hope you will journey with us healthily and happily.


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